24.01.2015 21:28

Tineke und Liesl beginnen ihre Arbeit in Hobeni

Tineke und Liesl von Tapini sind in Hobeni angekommen und konnten schon die gesamte Lieferung der durch Eure Spenden finanzierte Wasserfilter in das Dorf bringen. Tineke wird nun in den nächsten...

Tapini e.V. Aktionsgebiet auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Tapini e.V.

Bulungula, a small village in South Africa: Colourful huts, corn, vegetable gardens, fire places, donkeys, many African faces –both laughing and sad- on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Yes, there is plenty of water... but is it drinkable?

The sea is of course salty and rivers are contaminated; the springs are used by animals as well as by humans, creating a paradise for bacteria of many kinds. Especially babies and small children can't cope with the bacteria, they fall ill and even die as a result of polluted drinking water. In response to this, our group, made up of international university students and professionals, would like to support the people in Transkei.
So we have started a water project for this purpose, with the aim to act in a holistic, sustainable and responsible way, on both a technical as well as socialand educational level: this is because a protected spring, where the users can have ready access to potable water, will improve health conditions only if an awareness of hygiene is created, and the water is protected from contamination continuously from the source to the home.
On the following pages you will find more precise project descriptions and technical information.

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